What is The Community Cloud?

The Community Cloud is a Member Incentive platform for Civil, Social, Professionals, not for profits and Religious organizations.

Why The Community Cloud?

Simple, we are focused on Member Engagement, Not Member Management.

Member based organizations are losing member engagement and revenue to social networking platforms that make it easier for members to connect and build community online. Member Management platforms promise member engagement, but prioritize member management over member engagement.

What is The Community Cloud Market Place?

When an organization joins The Community Cloud, it is listed on the Market Place.

Market place users can find near by professionals and communities, join these communities or subscribe to be notified of events, special offers, promotions, or community meetings. Members can connect and communicate with individuals or as groups.

allows users members can find near by Communities, join or subscribe to be notified of community events, offers, promotions, or community meetings and more.

Who uses it?

The Community Cloud is used by Professionals, business and trade associations, chambers of commerce, non-profits, charities, clubs and community organizations. It supports any size organization from just a few members or contacts to tens of thousands of members.

What makes The Community Cloud different from other platforms?

No monthly subscription. There is a 3% service fee for each processed payment.

Who’s behind it?

The Community Cloud a product of The Innovia Group LLC., originally a custom web application company. The Innovia Group LLC. was established in 2007 with headquarters in Brooklyn NY, USA where we remain today. The Community Cloud software was launched in 2014.

Having worked with a number of small associations and non-profits, Innovia recognized that while these organizations would benefit from simplifying and automating their day-to-day tasks, custom software (which can cost tens of thousands of dollars to develop) was out of their reach. We developed The Community Cloud to help these organizations grow, attract and retain membership.

Is my data safe?

The Community Cloud NEVER sells or shares any personal information about you or your members to any outside organization. Our revenues come only from payment transactions.

All data is backed-up each night and stored in multiple locations.

You own your data – you can request all your member, contact, event, meetings at any time into Excel-compatible spreadsheets or PDF.

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