Organization Set Up

Community Cloud Setup Wizard will guide you through the process of setting up your organization’s account. You can enroll membership managers, create committee pages and profiles, import membership lists and much more.

Organization Calendar

Community Cloud Calendar allows users to schedule and keep track of organizational/club events, meetings and activities. Users are able to efficiently share calendars end extend event invitations.

Membership Management

Keep track of member information, including years of membership, organization roles, payments made, payments due, and other organizational requirements.

News and Announcement

Share organization news with your members and the public.


This feature allows users to schedule organization, committee or team meetings. Users can create and publish agendas, record minutes, and search for motions or decisions that the organization has made.


Making it easy to sell merchandise online. Create your Community Cloud Storefront and make your merchandise available on your website. Donors and supporters can visit your website, shop online, add items to a cart, and purchase online.

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