Year-to-year continuity

The new administration wants to change the way the previous administration did things. Where can I find a list of last year’s donors? Do you have the account information for the email marketing account?

These are common questions that are asked during leadership or management transitions. A change in leadership does not need to result in an organization reset.

Organizations securely store information in the Cloud and regulate who can access what information and when. The Community Cloud provides the tools to allow new administration to build upon the progresses of previous administrations.

Integrated sales & marketing

You have a website, you have Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, LinkedIn and other social media accounts; you use MailChimp or constant contact for email marketing, and an event website to sell tickets to your events.

Organization with a Community Cloud Theme can centralize their marketing from one platform. Create events and publish them to your social media account, sync your CC subscriber list with your Mailchimp or constant contact account, and sell event tickets and merchandise with your CC product catalog.

Improved member engagement

“Can you send me the meeting minutes from the last meeting? When is the next ABC Event, where can I purchase tickets for xyz tickets?”

These are just some of the questions that organizations have to be able to answer for its members. The Community Cloud, empowers your members to find the last information to answer most commonly asked questions.

Efficiently-run meetings

Why do these meetings take so long? We are spending too much printing materials for our meetings!

The Community Cloud gives organizations the tools to plan, execute and distribute meeting minutes in meetings in no time. Organizations safe time and money by using the meeting best practices from both the public and private sector.

Organization of people around common goals

When a group of people are focused on achieving a goal or a mission some really innovative things are created.

We called them Org Units, you may call them Committees, Teams or Groups. Create your org unit, assign members and keep track of meetings, events, and documents.

New revenue streams

The Community Cloud ticketing and product catalog make it easy for organizations to become internet merchants and sell event tickets and merchandise from their website.

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